The road to reaching 14,000 was not an easy one by any means. I had times where I was depressed and I didn’t know how I was going to make this happen. 4For14000 was possible because I made it possible. I would not take no for an answer! Dedication to reach my goal was key. Alot of people are in the same situation that I was in but there is a way out. Everybody wont be able to take the road that I did and be successful. You have to write your own story! Here I will let you know how I did it though.

  As you may know 4for14000 was a campaign strategy that I came up with to raise money for school. If I could get 4,000 people to give me $4 then I would easily be able to return to school. Now of course it wasn’t that easy. I began with the 4For14000 campaign and it was going very smoothly. Money was flowing in and I was confident that  I would be back in school in no time. After about a month or 2 the donations slowed down drastically. It was hard to reach new people when I had the same followers on Facebook and Twitter. A lot of them had already donated so it was time for me to find some new supporters.

One day I received an email from a fellow bison Shaquille Brewster saying that he was an intern for mtvU and that he would love to help try to shed some light on my story. I was very excited to hear about this and agreed to let them cover my campaign. I got forwarded to a young lady named Yaffa Fredrick and she began to get my campaign documented to put on mtvU’s website. mtvU published my story on January 7th 2013. After that things would never be the same.After  mtvU published my story the donations started rolling in. People were donating from all over the world. People who had no idea who I was. They had just read my story and they decided that it was worth investing in my education. Things were going very well once mtvU picked up my story and they were only about to get better. Major networks and stations began to pick up my story. The Huffington Post, USA Today College, The Root Live, Greensboro News & Record & HBCU Digest are just a few that picked up my story. It really lifted my spirits to know that people had my back and supported what I was trying to accomplish. After everyone picked up my story and the donations came in the buzz died down once again and it was back to the daily grind of promoting my campaign and hoping that the right people saw it.

About 2 1/2 months went by before anyone else bug picked up my story. I was still spreading the word but donations were coming few and far between. I because discouraged but I NEVER gave up. That was NOT an option! I prayed to God about what I should do and asked him what was next for me. He told me to keep pushing and everything would take care of itself and it did. In late March- early April I got contacted by mtvU again. They wanted to just check up on me to make sure everything was going ok with my campaign. Once I spoke with mtvU they decided that they wanted to fly me up to DC to video record my story and have me get interviewed by Sway. I was ecstatic to say the least.


Look At This Video To See How My Campaign  Ends! All I Have To Say Is That God Is Good!